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Took me a bit to find out how to use multiple timelines in game maker.  Still didn’t find anything obvious.

Create a global time line variable for the second.  Before using it, make sure it is a valid timeline to use at some point.

if (global.timeline2==noone)
global.timeline2 = timeline_add();


Use the with clause to utilize the secondary timeline.  This will let you run a second time line at the same time.

timeline_index=[NAME OF TIMELINE];

I am using it for incoming shmup objects on paths.


Have fun.


It is amazing how quickly time flies when you work on games in your free time and have a family.  I haven’t working on coding for the better part of two weeks.  My wife wanted me to put in new flooring in the kitchen and dining room.  It wound up taking my entire week of free time.  Then we went on a trip with the family.  Sometimes, I think I was crazy to think I could make games.  I another game that is 90% complete, but I know it takes a lot to get the last 10% done.  I will trek through to get it finished.  It is an enjoyable game, at least for me.  Maybe I can share it with others.  Maybe the key is to keep blogging and hope someone will read.