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Took me a bit to find out how to use multiple timelines in game maker.  Still didn’t find anything obvious.

Create a global time line variable for the second.  Before using it, make sure it is a valid timeline to use at some point.

if (global.timeline2==noone)
global.timeline2 = timeline_add();


Use the with clause to utilize the secondary timeline.  This will let you run a second time line at the same time.

timeline_index=[NAME OF TIMELINE];

I am using it for incoming shmup objects on paths.


Have fun.


It is amazing how quickly time flies when you work on games in your free time and have a family.  I haven’t working on coding for the better part of two weeks.  My wife wanted me to put in new flooring in the kitchen and dining room.  It wound up taking my entire week of free time.  Then we went on a trip with the family.  Sometimes, I think I was crazy to think I could make games.  I another game that is 90% complete, but I know it takes a lot to get the last 10% done.  I will trek through to get it finished.  It is an enjoyable game, at least for me.  Maybe I can share it with others.  Maybe the key is to keep blogging and hope someone will read.

I find it a lot easier coding than going through the process of publishing a game to a web site.  I chose to push my game (Slitherin Twist) to two locations for right now. and  When I get feedback, I will make any necessary adjustments to bugs/game play as needed.

I think next time, I will create a check list of all tasks to be done and prior to releasing the game.  I found myself making multiple Icons sizes and Package images as each site has different size requirements.  If I compile a list of all sizes, I can make those image ahead of time and not while I am filling out required forms on the various sites.

For instance the image below is a specific size (315 x 250 pixels) for browsing image on  When filling out forms, I had to go create the image from other assets to get the game ready.  It didn’t take long but having to make several images on the fly ends up taking more time than if I went ahead and created the media files before I started.



Tasks to compile ahead of time next time:

  • Home Site Press Kit
  • Home Site Store Update (Through Humble Bundle)
  • Game Play AVI
  • Game Icons Various Sizes
  • Game Store Images
  • Game Play GIF (Under 2MB)
  • Price Point
  • Text for game description
  • Feature Set description
  • Twitter Message
  • Facebook Message

This is my preliminary list of things to compile ahead of time.  I will share an update of specifics once I get all the sizes and variations required.  This list has carried over in to day 2 of releasing my game and I still have to complete some of it.

Using Gamemaker:Studio, I spent several hours this week working on my full screen shader affect for my latest game.  When I developed it, I had a problem with the way it displayed when I tested my game outside of windowed mode.  Once in full screen, the effect contained the entire screen , but shrunk in the corner with an overlay of the existing screen.  This definitely was not the desirable effect.

After reading up about drawing surfaces, I realized the problem was that my room has a smaller area (1280X704)  than the actual display dimensions (1600*900).  So the fix is to stretch the screen size to the display size.

Original Call –

if full_screen_effect draw_surface(application_surface,0,0);



Fixed Call-

if full_screen_effect draw_surface_stretched(application_surface,0,0,var_resolution_x,var_resolution_y);




Well, I have finally gotten through some of the paper work to be able to sell games to other people.  It took a lot longer than I expected.

I just wanted to make sure I had my business name reserved as I had put quite a bit of effort in getting it to look the way I wanted.  At least now I can promote my work without concern of the name.

I really can’t say enough about Pyxel Edit.  I really enjoy the interface for small artwork and animations.  The feature I really LOVE is the color selection tool.  It is really a great assistant and time saver.  I disliked on other tools trying to find a nice shade or lighting alternative for shadows and highlights.  The color selection and alternatives for shading, lightness, saturation, hue are great.


The tool supports onion skinning and animations.  The tool is a great compliment to any game development using pixel art.

A small example of an animation of mine.




In reference to what I use for game development please see my FAQ page.

I have been looking at easing functions to enhance game play.  One useful method I have used such a function for is acceleration on flight path.   I used  a slow acceleration function to slow the start of a missile when being launched.  It has a better feel to the game when there is a slow acceleration.

A normal movement by linear speed accomplishes the goal of getting the object to its destination, but a more meaningful visual is to perform a slow accelerate.  Using an easing function can accomplish this.  Granted acceleration can be accomplished over time in a game by adding speed for every game step event.  This is another method.

Create Event

stepcount = 0;

Step event

speed=QUAD_EaseIn(stepcount, 0, max_speed, 1)

Script (“QUAD_EaseIn”)

t = argument0/room_speed //step #
b = argument1 //beginning
c = argument2 //change
d = argument3 / room_speed //duration seconds

return c*(t/d)*t*t*t + b;

Hear is the updated result which IMO has a better feel.

Good luck.


Well, here I go.  I have been spending too many years tinkering around with code and have finally decide I should do something about it.  I have realized, I am just to excited about all the ideas in my head.

Every time I bring up a new idea to my son, he tells me I didn’t finish the last one.  In reality, I thought of an idea but just sat around and did nothing to pursue the idea.  This year I have committed to getting things done.  This will be my story about doing it.  I hope you stay along for the ride.